About Us

Aresio is a lifestyle brand founded by a couple united through their shared love of fitness. We both worked a 9 to 5 job. Cristy was working her way up the corporate ladder in the automotive industry. Philip was having success in management in the casino industry. We were both in jobs that allowed us to live comfortably, yet something was still missing.
Our shared passion lied in pushing our bodies in the gym and our minds beyond what we thought was possible. We took a leap of faith and started Aresio Fitness Apparel line. What does Aresio mean to us? It's the mindset of being our best selves and pushing the communities around us to do the same. It is our platform to inspire others and affect real change in our communities. When you purchase one of our items you will know that you are getting high quality fitness apparel. You can also be sure  that your purchase contributes to a great cause. A portion of proceeds will go to charitable organizations that embody the same goals as us, to empower people to create the lives they want. Stay tuned for what's to come!